作为美国美食界的中心.P., hg6668皇冠登录, MI has dozens of cafes, bakeries, and restaurants to tempt your palate.




全天供应早餐,午餐和晚餐, 酒窖 能满足你所有的吃货需求吗. 几乎所有的东西都是内部制作的, sourced locally when possible and cooked fresh for your order, 菜单上的任何菜都不会错. 试试土豆盘, 配上烤土豆, 洋葱, 辣椒, 蘑菇菠菜配鸡蛋和吐司, 或者埃尔佐罗卷饼, build your own omelet or dive into a stack of buttermilk pancakes or plate of homemade biscuits and gravy. If you are craving a cocktail with your breakfast, the juice for the mimosas is fresh-squeezed!


在家吃饭,在他们家的小阳台上,或者带上你的 231年西 treats to go at this proper french bakery where every perfectly-crafted goodie looks and tastes divine. 拿一些传统的黄油, 片状羊角面包, 或者是甜的(巧克力)或咸的(熏火腿), 白切达干酪和白奶酪)一个, an almond frangipane or try their Tasty Little Biscuit (warm cheddar scallion biscuit with sausage gravy) or a homemade toaster strudel. 别忘了买一盒马卡龙. 你不会后悔的!


Steinhaus指出 是必去的早午餐地点吗. 乡村炸肉排, 香肠和鸡蛋, heavenly vegetarian hash and handcrafted cocktails — brunch at the Stein will leave your taste buds satisfied and you begging to come back for their dinner service. It’s made from scratch, German-inspired fare with a unique element in every dish. 就像他们说的,“这是镇上的香肠餐厅。!“早午餐服务从周六和周日早上9点开始.m. 到2点.m.




Kids of all ages love this old-fashioned soda fountain candy shop breakfast and lunch stop. hg6668皇冠登录后喝汤和三明治暖身. 试试稻草人(火鸡), 培根, 烤红辣椒, smoked gouda and avocado) on locally made bread or house focaccia, 众多素食选择之一, 或者烤奶酪加蔓越莓干, 烤洋葱, 培根山羊奶酪. 留空间给来访的人 Doncker的 糖果柜台, where cases of homemade chocolates will have your mouth watering for some to take home.


喜欢的专业 院子里的 工艺鸡尾酒, 当地的啤酒和葡萄酒与你的T-boy, 虾和薯条, or whitefish and crispy broken 薯条 at this indoor food truck. 免费赠品's sister cocktail bar/ restaurant wouldn’t be complete without 秋葵, 炸土豆条和墨西哥胡椒炸玉米饼. It’s the perfect spot for a quick bite in a fun, 邀请 atmosphere.




发现这个当地人的最爱,你就知道为什么了 凡高的 hg6668皇冠登录最古老的披萨店是哪家. 自制的面团, 自制的酱料, homemade cudighi and homemade Greek specialties like Spanakopita, Dolmathes, 陀螺仪和果仁蜜饼让当地人不断回来. The menu also includes plenty of salads, sandwiches and burgers and delicious waffle 薯条. Locals also love the Cudighi with the works or the Cudighi pizza. Stop in and you’ll see why 凡高的 is a hometown favorite.


相信宣传,面包棒真的很好吃! Duck into this nautical-themed bar and restaurant with vintage photos on the walls for fantastic pub food or sit outside on their quaint, 邀请, 友好型甲板. Some creative takes and fantastic originals like their famous Baked French Onion soup, 脆洋葱圈, 多层三明治, fire-grilled汉堡, 自制的汤, 意大利面和披萨. 

只要去一趟,你就知道为什么了 左舷 是马凯特大学近40年的传统. 微笑是真诚的, the food fresh and delicious and locally sourced when possible, 比如休伦山面包店新鲜出炉的面包, hg6668皇冠登录肉店的手工切牛排, in-season Farmer’s Market produce and Thill’s Fish House fresh-caught 苏必利尔湖 whitefish.

VIERLING & hg6668皇冠登录港啤酒厂

Come for the view, stay for the food in this historic landmark spot. 新鲜的苏必利尔湖白鱼是特色菜. 按你的方式吃, 法人后裔风格, 香溜肉片, 海鲜杂烩浓汤, fish fry or one of their house specials topped with shrimp, 洋葱 and green 辣椒 in garlic butter sauce over parmesan linguine. 家族拥有超过35年的历史 Vierling 也是hg6668皇冠登录的第一家啤酒厂, 所以你会想尝尝他们的自制啤酒, with a nice selection that includes several light American ales, 几种水果啤酒, 蜂蜜小麦, 还有波特酒和一杯特级英语苦艾酒.



经典舒适的食物和鸡尾酒与美味 挖掘的 扭. 试一试 the Kimchi Rice Balls or the Mac Rolls with pulled pork, sweet heat BBQ and chipotle ranch. Dive into the Big Lake Cakes or Big Lake Tacos or one of their Almost Famous burgers, 肉的翅膀, 或者是专门的狗. Excellent 工艺鸡尾酒 and a fun outdoor seating area called 挖掘’ City Beach make this the perfect summer gathering spot.


Famous for their fantastic burgers and homemade bourbon bbq, step into Stucko的 体育酒吧买鸡翅,戒指和篮子. They even have a daily poutine menu, late-night menu and Friday fish fry menu. 这里有近12种现成的啤酒和大量的本地啤酒, try a flight of four to help you find your fave then sit back and dig into some fine pub grub while you watch the game.


House-made sauces and tender delicious smoked meats will win you over at 苏必利尔湖熏制啤酒吧. 用一个选择你的份量, 两个, or three meats and sides like homemade smoked gouda mac and cheese, 凉拌卷心菜, 薯条, 烟熏烤豆, 沙拉或蔬菜. 分享 the three and three plate with three meats and three sides or split the Smokehouse Sampler, 配烧烤排骨, 把猪肉, 胸肉, Andouille Sausage and BBQ Chicken for an all-meat extravaganza. 没心情吃烧烤? 他们的法式蘸酱棒极了. A half a dozen of their own brews on tap plus guest brews give you plenty to choose from.


铁湾酒楼 & 酒店

Dine in this historic former train station steps from the Lower Harbor and the old 矿石码头 从里面或外面都有优越的视野. Dine on the outdoor balcony and get a dose of history as you browse the menu, 哪一个充满了美味的选择. The Superior Whitefish Chowder gets rave reviews, as do their burgers. 素食者和纯素食者也不会失望. 试一试 铁湾的 Blueberry Zucchini Panini with or without goat cheese or the quinoa sweet potato veggie burger with red beet hummus. Seasonal house-grown herbs are used to flavor the dishes and their unique 工艺鸡尾酒, 其中包括对经典作品的有趣解读. 试一试 a Blueberry Basil Mojito for a refreshing summer drink while you sit, sip, 尽情享受并融入这个场景.


Choose from a cinematic-themed menu in this old-school movie theatre with a cool vibe, 更高级的美食创作和高级鸡尾酒. 为你的开场表演, 点芝士凝乳和滑块套餐:一份牛肉, 一份沙拉三明治和一份猪肉卷. 在特殊功能下, 试试肉汤, 配上红烧排骨, 焦糖洋葱, 煎蛋和抱子甘蓝. The fried brussel sprouts get their own billing—for good reason. 为您的主要行为, dine on “fall off the bone” pork ribs with sriracha-maple glaze, 大马哈鱼炖菜, or one of their delicious vegetarian or vegan options like the Buddha Bowl with roasted sweet potatoes, 脆鹰嘴豆, 烧焦的broccolini, 羽衣甘蓝和枫芝麻酱, 或者野蘑菇烩饭或者香蒜沙司意大利面. 独特的风味组合, 新鲜的食材, in a hip atmosphere where films play silently on a big screen while you dine make 荷兰代尔夫特理工 一个你会想要一次又一次回到的地方. 孩子友好和成熟的所有在一个地方.


走进里面 免费赠品 and you'll feel like you have left hg6668皇冠登录 and slid right into Louisiana. Discover authentic cajun and creole classics and traditional southern dishes, 从头开始制作,完美调味(不全是热的)!). 石香肠球, 剥皮和吃诺拉风格的烧烤虾, 什锦饭, 秋葵, 小龙虾小龙虾, Seafood Risotto and Bayou Bouillabaisse will tantalize your taste buds and have you planning your next visit so you can sample more. Save room for the hot french beignets coated in powdered sugar to make your trip to NOLA in MQT complete.

*This is by no means a full roundup of all of the wonderful restaurants & hg6668皇冠登录县的食品卡车.